Well Played You Idiot Leftards …… Duke Energy News!!!

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As is often the case, it’s not what is is the news which is the news, rather than what is being reported. So, we’ve got a couple of pieces of information about Duke Energy. This is the biggest player in electricity in the US. They generate, do transmission, and provide electricity. Again, they’re the US’ biggest player.

I’ve often told the lunatic environmentalists, who nearly all are also ardent leftists, that they’re playing right into the hands of the huge energy corporations. This is because leftists don’t understand supply and demand. If someone is selling a product, they like the fact that the demand outstrips the supply. Nothing makes oil, gas, and energy suppliers wealthier than artificially altering the supply/demand equilibrium to where there’s more demand than supply. It automatically raises prices and increases the profit per unit of what is being supplied. Leftists supposedly hate increasing the profit margins…

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