Climate Reminder!!!! The Changes In Spring Snow Cover Prove Global Warming!!! Last 25 Years Of April Snow Cover Demonstrates Proof Of Concept!!!

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Or something………

Apparently, climate change is very selective as to when it will strike!!! Here’s the last 25 years of Northern Hemisphere snow extent for April.



So, okay, climate change hasn’t decided to strike in April …….. yet!!!! But, it does seem like that every April, when thaw is occurring and natural flooding happens, the lunatics claim it’s a sign of climate change. It is with absolute certainty that if we have an April snow extent exactly like the early 90s the lunatics would claim that’s a sign of climate change ….. and they’d probably try to pack extra snow in their “to go bag”. …. because it’s the end of snow, or something. Idiots.

Again, I would remind readers what this means, exactly. This is the average snow cover on the ground in area. Apparently, global warming forgot to warm the globe at the Northern Hemisphere snow line…

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