Breaking!!!!! CBO Continues To Tradition Of Double Talk ….. News Media Continues Tradition Of Obfuscation!!!!

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This is another example of things I just don’t understand why it’s so hard of a concept to grasp. It boggles my mind.

So, the CBO has come out with a report on the possible impacts of hiking the minimum wage. And, as usual, they word things, apparently, (because the news organizations haven’t provided the actual report) in such an abhorrent manner people can take away what they want from the report.

Here’s how Reuters has it …….

U.S. minimum wage hike would kill jobs but alleviate poverty: CBO

(Reuters) – Raising the U.S. minimum wage would lead to the loss of about half a million jobs by late 2016 but lift almost a million Americans out of poverty, the Congressional Budget Office forecast in a report on Tuesday that reignited debate over one of President Barack Obama’s top priorities this year.

Buoyed by polls showing three-quarters of Americans in…

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