Well …… Again, They’re Not Exactly TEA parties ….. But, They Are Well Worth Noting!!!!

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Breitbart has this …..



Call it the glocalization of the Tea Party movement.

As those in the global – and permanent – superclass seek to make borders irrelevant, increase taxes, and empower unaccountable and far removed bureaucracies, racking up debt, increasing cronyism, and ruining economies while becoming more out of touch, Europeans are taking cues from America’s Tea Partiers. They are saying, “Enough. We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

When Sarah Palin galvanized conservatives, independents, and blue-collar Reagan Democrats who were disaffected with the political system during the 2008 presidential election as John McCain’s running mate, the permanent political and media class in America ridiculed her, while some Europeans tagged her as representing everything that was exceptionally wrong about America. They thought that Palin – and the movement for which she was the most passionate voice…

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