Daily Kos Writer Showcases Abject Ignorance Of Capitalism In Critique Of Capitalism

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Bizarre stuff …….

The author starts off bizarrely, but, accurate, insomuch as she noted that slavery has been with us for a very long time, and in different forms.

We like to think we’ve evolved past that particular practice. We like to assume that is was merely a temporary aberration in our forward path, but the fact is that Slavery – in many forms -has been with us, as a species, for Millenia.

It’s discussed in the Bible and all history texts where the practice was used. It was quite common in fact. In was used Ancient Egypt with the Israelites, With the Empire of Rome, it was a practices on many continents by many peoples. Usually it was used as an alternative to death or imprisonment for those loosing troops after a war. Some times is was used as a method to punish debtors. For time in the 16th…

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