But, The Crops Have Less Nutrients Because Of CO2!!!!! The Devastating Effects Of Climate Change And CO2 On Our Crops!!!!!

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Well, it’s past time I reminded people that Global Warming hasn’t interfered with our crop production, or, has harmed the world’s most vulnerable.

Today, while looking for something different to chart, I was reminded that while CO2 causes plants to grow better, the lunatics have told us that it doesn’t help the nutritional value of the crops. Further, we’re told that the earth can’t sustain all the people it has. Some lunatics have even called for a reduction in the population to a few million ….. mostly because they don’t understand the wonderful things humanity can do. They’re misanthropists of the Malthusian ilk. Which, infers their intellectual capacity is severely limited. It also means their socialists, or communists. This is because they don’t understand production and/or wealth creation. That is to say, they see only limits and not the limitless ability in human achievement. Like all leftards, Malthus only saw…

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