Shock News!!!!! Communist News Network Revises History In Fluff Piece About The Murderous “Uncle Joe” Stalin!!

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Nice!!! CNN does it again!!! Disgusting animals.

CNN writes a fluff piece about one of the most barbaric, sadistic, long lasting mass murders in the history of the world.

The article can be seen here

Breitbart has this, which I’m reproducing in it’s entirety, because they do a pretty good job, but, in my estimation not far enough in expressing the outrage of this madness. CNN is essentially spitting in the graves and memories of all the people who suffered and died under this brutal dictator.

CNN OVERLOOKS ‘UNCLE JOE’ STALIN’S MASS-MURDER OF MILLIONS’s latest angle on the Sochi Olympics is what could have been a fascinating story about Joseph Stalin and his summer home. Instead what we have is an unbelievably sloppy piece of “journalism.”

Built in that city in 1937, twenty years after the October revolution, the murderous dictator’s dacha is now a tourist attraction in Sochi…

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