Gems 2014 — February 14 Scripture Selection: Matthew 26:69-75

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Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

February 14 Scripture Selection: Matthew 26:69-75

Food for Thought: Mat. 26:69

Poor Peter! How could he ever forgive himself for having lied, cursed, and denied having ever even known the Christ, the Son of the living God? Those were his own words through divine revelation when Jesus asked him who he said Jesus is (Mat. 16:16). Fear of man was greater at that time than the revelation of the truth. When he went away and wept bitterly, everything must have seemed completely over for him. The Man he had served and walked and talked with for those three years was to die (He had also forgotten what Jesus said would happen next!), and Peter denied Him when the pressure was on.

I think lots of people feel like Peter did. They are disappointed in themselves and feel like they have really ruined it. They can’t…

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