I Was Worried For A Second …. New Show On MSNBC!!!!!

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I’m reading on News Busters, that MSNBC is gong to have a new show!!!  It’s going to be hosted by Joy Reid!!!  So, at that moment I was pretty stoked, but, then it said ……

“I’m not on there to do an hour of why Republicans suck,” the African-American woman said.

So, I’m thinking, ‘what would MSNBC be broadcasting, then?  And, then, I’m thinking I’ll have to find some more sources for material!!!!  I almost panicked!!! ….. but, then I read on ….

“I don’t think I have to do that. We may not get that right all the time, but I don’t know a mean-spirited person in this building.”

And, then I remembered the reality aversion leftards have.  You can agree or disagree with what the lunatics on MSNBC babble, but, “a really smart conversation” almost never happens at MSNBC.  And, they certainly don’t have conversations with…

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