A Lesson Delivered In How To Properly Counter Troll Pols ….

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So Twitchy chronicles some epic Twitter trolling!  This stuff is great!!!

For those who don’t know, trolling is a tool.  It’s neither good nor bad, but, a tool which can be used for good and bad purposes.  In this case, this was put to great purposes.  But, before I get to that, some background.

Wendy Davis, like many politicians, will say anything to get elected.  And, so will their ardent supporters.  It confounds me to no end when people believe the pols have a sudden change of heart and will vote for them based on their last stated position on an issue when you absolutely know they don’t feel that way, but, are simply trying to pander and advantage the public’s stupidity.  In this case, Wendy Davis says she’s in favor of “open carry” gun laws in Texas.

WendyDavis supporting OpenCarry is a Strategic Compromise. Let’s work…

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