Is Zero Delusional?

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I don’t know …..  maybe, like the climate lunatics, Obama is suffering from a mental illness. 

While Fox News and Bill O’Reilly were being mean to Zero by asking him questions, Zero had this to say ……

BILL O’REILLY: I think that you are much more friendly to a nanny state than I am. I’m more of a self-reliance guy, you are a more of a big government will solve your problems guy. That’s it?
PRESIDENT OBAMA: And I disagree with that because I think what used to be considered sensible we now somehow label as liberal. Think about it: Social Security, Medicare.
O’REILLY: But you are pay into that. It’s the freebies that are are the problem.
OBAMA: What freebies are we talking about? O’REILLY: Take a look at the disability explosion. I mean, it’s insane. The work place isn’t any more dangerous now than it was 20 years…

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