Australia Joins The Rest Of The World In Lunacy …. Certificates To Provide Drinking Water …..

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I don’t know that many here would bat an eye at this because we do such similar bits of lunacy, as does our friends in Europe.  But, it just demonstrates who low society in general has sank.

Bruce brings us this ……

Reader Andrew is astonished:

I work in the food and beverage industry in South Australia, and just thought I would forward you on this bizarre and ridiculous junk that I spend many hours attending to every week. I have just been informed that I need to be registered to provide drinking water to patrons.

Astonishing. Just read all the questions on that form at the link.  Bureaucrats are tougher on people who’d give you water than on people who’d let you thirst.

Let us now rewrite St John’s Gospel in the manner now preferred by the South AustralianDepartment of Health:

4 Now he had to go through…

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