Well Meaning Leftard Trying To Help Repubs On Immigration ….

suyts space


It’s because he really want’s Repubs to succeed as a party……

You see, the author for the leftist rag believes protecting the integrity of our borders is big government and totalitarian.  And, I’m sure he understands these things are bad, amirite?

The simple fact, one that Republicans should embrace, is that flows any more than they control aggregate consumer demand. including economic opportunity in the destination country and material conditions in the home country. far more effectively than racist national-origins laws passed by Congress in the 1920s. Similarly, immigration between Mexico and the United States waxes and wanes depending on large macro forces that neither country’s government  can really dictate.

Apparently, to stem the illegal immigration, the author believes we should either have another great depression, or bomb them to hell and the work on the reconstruction of their country.  Well, hey, with Obama, neither is out of the question. …

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