Gems 2014 — February 5 Scripture Selection: Matthew 23:1-22

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Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

February 5 Scripture Selection: Matthew 23:1-22

Food for Thought: Mat. 23:3

So many people put their attention and all their hope on a man to guide them, as if their salvation were reliant on a mere man. Then, when they see a defect or weakness in him, they lose their faith and fall away. Their faith was in a man instead of in the Lord where it should have been.

Those of us who are teachers of the Word must always watch out for this. People are so eager to find someone to follow. Our task should always be to direct their attention to the Lord and not to ourselves. We must not get too cozy, enjoying (and even expecting) the “first seats” and the special attention that people tend to dote upon us. That could lead to a pharasitical attitude which would be both…

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