Nice Hatchet Job For The Establishment Repubs By Fox ….

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It’s crap like this which irks the heck out of me.  It makes you wonder if a journalist is trying to create news, or just carrying water for some idiot scumbag.  Either way, this article doesn’t speak well towards Fox, nor the establishment Repubs.

So, we all know this upcoming election Repubs stand to when the Senate.  Of course there are some tight races in which the outcome isn’t locked.  Now, barring something stupid, I would consider the race in Colorado pretty easy sailing for the Repubs, if they unite behind the nominee.  You wouldn’t think it that hard.  The Colorado race features Repub nominee, Ken Buck, who narrowly lost a Senate bid in 2010. 

The U.S. Senate race in Colorado this year is drawing national attention to see whether Republicans can avoid mistakes that kept them from taking control of the Senate for the past two elections.

In 2010…

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