Have You Seen This?? US Propane Prices Through The Roof!!!

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Now, I feel bad, and silly.  About a week or so ago, a cousin dropped by and mentioned that I should write about this, and I thought I should, and told him I would.  But, I never got around to it.  Mostly because I figured it was an aberration and would quickly correct itself.  It didn’t. 


Now, I’m scooped by Senators……. how embarrassing.  Worse, I can’t see why this is happening.  And, mostly because of my ignorance.  That said, the EIA isn’t much help in bringing clarity to this. 

So, at Fox we see this …..

They’re right, something isn’t right.  Now, mostly this is because of the regional nature of propane and it’s price jump in the heartland ……


Now, on the surface, none of this makes sense.  Yes, in the heartland we’re used to price jumps in the winter, it’s what we use for heating and cooking…

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