The Devastating Effects Of CO2 And Climat Change Demonstrated!!!!

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Hey, lunatics are all into that correlation = causation thing, right?  Maybe this is what makes them so bat$hit crazy ……….


The left axis is for the GISS temps I multiplied by 100 and the global food production index, and the right scale is for the atmospheric CO2 levels. 

Gosh, we’d hate for the world to be fed, now wouldn’t we?  What would Malthus say???  What would Ehrlich say???  And, what about the murderous Marxists who need impoverished and hungry people to join their cause?  This simply won’t do!!!! 

Mind you, one does have to magnify the temps by 100 to notice any movement, as what the lunatics do with their disingenuous anomalies.   

source here, here, and here.

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