Oxfam Opposes Jobs For Palestinians!!! Fires Actress Supporting Jobs For Palestinians!!!!

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The absurdity of this notion is beyond me.  The only explanation I can come up with is that Oxfam is simply fun by a bunch of lunatic, racist, anti-Semitic nutjobs. 

Oxfam International said Thursday that American actress Scarlett Johansson’s support of an Israeli company operating in a West Bank settlement was incompatible with her role as an Oxfam Global Ambassador.

Oxfam’s statement followed Johansson’s announcement Wednesday that she was resigning her Oxfam role because of a “fundamental difference of opinion.” Oxfam said it accepted her resignation. …..

The international humanitarian organization said Thursday that it believes and other businesses operating in Israeli settlements in the West Bank that we work to support.” 

The charity said it .” …..


So, let me see if I understand Oxfam’s position.  Surely they’re not opposed to businesses providing jobs to Palestinians, right?  I mean, don’t they want Palestinians to have gainful employment?  Don’t…

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