Wait!!!! What?????? Scarborough’s Right???? And Bill Kristol???

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But, they got it exactly right this time.  For those not familiar with Scarborough, he’s the token Repub on MSNBC.  And, he’s not really a conservative.  But, Kristol and Scarborough had this to say, (from Breitbart)

Bill Kristol: Just let immigration go this year. It’s not an issue of urgency, it can be passed next year. A better immigration bill can be passed by a Republican House and a Republican Senate, perhaps next year. You have no leverage in this debate if you go to conference with this bill that passed the Democratic Senate …

The Republican establishment, the Republican consultant class in Washington, and big business really want immigration reform, and they may try to jam it down the throats of actual Republican grassroots this year, and I think it’s the one thing that could actually cost Republicans the Senate [in 2014].

Scarborough: I want to double…

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