So Which Is Most Indicative Of Civilization Decline? US And England’s Absurdities ….. Two Examples Of Ruination

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Now, don’t get me wrong, these things aren’t unique to only the US or only England.  But, they are examples of things I believe mark the decline of our civilization.  I just can’t decide which one is more indicative ……

Kim shows us this today …….

….. One senior citizen couple was recently shocked when a zoning board inspector showed up on their property and informed them they were subject to a $1,000-per-day fine for feeding wild birds in their own yard.

That’s what Bill and Diane Ganssle accidentally discovered. The couple was recently informed that .

Like many stories, there’s more to it, including a jackass neighbor and someone’s massive stupidity in believing bird feeders attract deer.  But, understand what a group of people in the local government did for this to happen.  They busied and occupied themselves with the grave question of the best way to build a…

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