But …. But ….. You Said Higher Education Was The Answer!!!!

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The Associated Press reported today that 28 percent of households that receive food stamps are headed by someone who has at least “some” college experience. In 1980, this figure was eight percent.

For decades now, the government and others have been preaching to the American people about the necessity for going to college in order to have meaningful employment. 

Now, anyone giving this a moments thought would realize that we still have to have workers who do things which doesn’t require technical expertise, or, consider weighty things which one is suppose to learn in higher education.  The government has done it’s part by grants and loans in trying to entice everyone to go to college and university.  Again, anyone who gives this a moment’s thought realizes that not everyone has the capacity to understand some of the complexities which higher education is suppose to teach us.  This isn’t opinion, it’s…

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