Shock News!!!! LSM Is Biased Toward Leftards!!!!

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So, I’m scrolling through Newsbusters and I see this headline ….

Shocking, I know. 

As 2014 begins, the MRC has just updated of our “Media Bias 101” resource page, which now links to nearly 50 articles summarizing decades of scholarly research showing the mostly liberal attitudes of American journalists, plus opinion polls showing the public’s growing recognition of the media’s liberal bias.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m very appreciative of the work MRC and Newsbusters does.  But, I think, now, we need to move the message along. 

There was a time in history, when people expected journalism to be an unbiased voice.  It was suppose to just give us the facts and let us make our own judgments about the facts.  They were suppose to be honest brokers and hold government in check.  They were the 4th estate, or rather, they were suppose to be and largely…

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