A Visual Aid For Steve’s Post …….

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Steve has a fantastic post up from one of his commentators. 

Essentially, this is nothing new.  It’s what many of us have been saying for years. 

While I certainly don’t wish to detract from Steve’s post, I thought it would be nice to lend some visual aides to help people understand what Mike Sanicola is on about. 

You see, it isn’t that the lunatics are wrong about CO2, it’s that they’re wrong about CO2 and how it relates to the spectra earth emits back out in.  For what the earth emits back out, nearly all of the spectra that CO2 absorbs is already overwhelmed by what other molecules already absorb. 

At any rate, it’s an excellent post and worth the read.  The commenter, Mike, also has an excellent response in the comments

Again, the notion isn’t new, but, they way he words it is a bit novel. 

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