What Sort Of Weird Circle Jerk Are US Temp Agencies Playing? NOAA And NASA’s GISS Playing Number Games

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So, NOAA says it was the 4th hottest year ever.  GISS says it was 7th.  I thought I’d take a closer look. 

Now, we know both NOAA and GISS play with historical temps.  Steve has done a fantastic job of documenting such behavior.  See here for a  recent post from Steve, and here for one of mine, which is owed to Steve’s work.

Now, as everyone knows, the various data sets are available in various places on the web.  One place I used to like to go before I got so disgusted with the ever altering temps was here.  It’s really a fascinating page in which a person who loves numbers can just play and play and play!!!  It’s got a whole bunch of time series of all sorts indices and oscillating events.  So, you can chose a couple and the page will graph them.  And, like…

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