Oh Noes!!!! Where Or Where Will We Find A RINO To Replace Christie!!!! Panic Ensuing!!!! ….. Lefties Still Trying To Pick For Repubs

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Apparently, the GOP is in a state of panic because of the horrendous lane closings and unsubstantiated claims he withheld Sandy funds from a town for political purposes.  At least according to Daily Beast journo Tomasky.  Newsbusters has this ….

I trust you’re enjoying the Christie panic among Republican establishment types as much as I am. That New York Times story on Sunday, with big boosters like Home Depot’s Kenneth Langone fretting publicly that he really must surround himself with better people (so it’s their fault!), combined with the cable damage-control efforts by the likes of Rudy Giuliani, really shows the extent to which the party big shots have been counting on Christie to save them.

They know deep down that there isn’t a single other figure in their party who can come within yodeling distance of 270 electoral votes. Certainly not against Hillary Clinton.

Ahh …. uhmm…

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