No Kidding, Right? UN Bemoans Prosperity!!!

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I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on anyone, but, this can hardly be seen as a revelation.

Growing global economies through expanded trade between rich and poor countries is driving global warming, according to a draft report from the United Nation’s climate bureaucracy. The international agency said that rich countries are “outsourcing” carbon dioxide emissions to poor countries through increasing international trade.

The draft report, obtained by the U.K.’s Guardian, argues that these “outsourced” emissions come “in the form of electronic devices such as smartphones, cheap clothes and other goods manufactured in China and other rising economies but consumed in the U.S. and Europe.”


As the article goes on to note, this has led to increased prosperity in the developing world ….

“China’s emergence as a manufacturing powerhouse has been astonishing,” according to economic analysts at the consulting firm McKinsey & Company. “In seventh place, trailing…

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  1. omanuel says:

    The formation of the United Nations corresponds with the end of integrity in publicly financed research.

    The very survival of mankind has been put at risk by decisions made in 1945.

    Oliver K. Manuel

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