LOL!!!! Rev Al Complains Zero Holding Him Back From Talking About Race!!!!!

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What color is the sky in this delusional nutjob’s world?

From Newsbusters …..

The segment began with co-host Joe Scarborough discussing why President Obama has experienced declining poll numbers over the past few months. Scarborough pointed out that:

…if there is a drop-off of white voters, these are white voters who voted for him twice. So obviously, there is not a race connection to those votes that have fallen off.

In other words, the support for President Obama among white voters has dropped not because of the color of his skin but the content of his ideology and his presidential leadership.

After briefly agreeing with Joe, Sharpton quickly jumped into complaining about the inability to discuss race as much as he would like. The Tawana Brawley-hoax perpetrator vehemently defended his belief that many Americans are “against him because he’s black” and how President Obama has “said, no, I don’t…

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