Bizarro World From Brit MP …… Star of David The New Swastika???? Are Kidding Me???

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That’s from Biased BBC …. worth a gander, I think.

While I certainly acknowledge many can disagree with what Israel and some Jews do, and fully support their freedom to do so, this madness is beyond the pale.  It demonstrates a certain insensitivity which unfathomable. 

Now, I don’t wish to pick on our British friends.  The ones I know would never write or utter such ignorance.  But, then, most humans wouldn’t.  But, it does speak to something I’ve wanted to touch on. 

There will always be vile haters such as Morris among us.  And, it should always be for us to allow these crazies to spew their venom. 

Because now, this speaks volumes towards the community which elected him.  And it speaks to what they would have by electing him as a law maker.  It also speaks to what a community/state/nation will tolerate. 

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