LOL!!!! Seahawk Corner Already Starts A Meme!!!! US Senator Threatens To Go All "Richard Sherman" On Repubs!!!!

suyts space

To funny.  For those who don’t pay attention to the NFL, or who didn’t get a chance to see this, it’s a strange way to enjoy a victory over a vanquished foe.  For context I’ll reproduce it …….


Now that we’ve seen that ….. and hopefully given Mr. Sherman some Valium, we can see what he started, now

Chris Murphy ✔ @ChrisMurphyCT


If we don’t pass an unemployment benefits extension soon, .

Chris Murphy ……….


Right, you pencil necked dweeb.  You’re soooo scary.

There were lot’s of great responses to this idiocy, but, I think Jon Gabriel wins this one …….

Now, it’s possible that I’m misreading this, but, I think the “Richard” Jon is referencing is this fellow on the right …..


Readers will recall his most recent venture in promoting California’s Zerocare to millennials. 

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