Tolerance Bullies And Duckophobes Told To STFU!!!!

suyts space


So, some guy, Liam Payne, Tweets that he’s a fan of Duck Dynasty’s Will Robertson ……


As one can imagine, wailing, crying, moaning, and gnashing of the teeth ensued …..

Yes, you numbnuts, this literally changes everything!!!!!  The world is now upside down!!!!  Oh, how, oh how can we go on?!?!?!?!? 

Defenders of the DD haters club springs into action!!!!!


Clearly, if you’re a fan of the son of a guy who prefers heterosexuality, then obviously, you’re a homophobe, “incriminated” by the horrendously vile Tweet!!!

The fun part?  Liam didn’t back down, his fans didn’t either, and others chimed in and told the Duckphobes to STFU!!!!!

Tyler, you lost fans because of your demonstrated intolerance and ignorance.  No one is “looking the other way and accepting bigotry except for people such as yourself. 

Other outlets wrote articles and Tweets like this ……..

Other stars, who I’ve never heard of chimed…

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