Gems 2014 — Matthew 12:38-50 — January 19

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Guest post by Jeanette Andrade

January 19 Scripture Selection: Matthew 12:38-50

Food for Thought: Mat. 12:50

I love my mother, my three brothers, and their families dearly and wish I could see them more often, but circumstances and God’s calling on our lives have taken us in different directions. However, every day I am with family when I spend it with people who are doing the Father’s will. In fact, even though I am my parent’s only daughter, I have many sisters in Christ that really even stick closer than a brother. Whatever we experience in natural terms, God has a greater model of it in the spiritual realm.

This word has been of great consolation to Christians all around the globe who are far from family for many reasons. Recently we prayed with a young woman who had just come to faith in Christ. Though she lost her mother…

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