Is Obama A Common Core History Graduate? The Fail Is Strong!!!!!

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Good heavens!!!!  I hadn’t read the transcript of Zero’s latest babbling stupidity, and, now, I’m wondering if I wouldn’t have been better off not.  Clearly, the world is just a little bit dumber, having been exposed to such clueless babbling. 

Zero gave a speech today, in announcing that some other government agency will be storing our private information instead of the NSA.  This was suppose to make us feel better about our government spying on us. 

Look at how Zero started this speech ……

That’s …… it wasn’t ……. the stupid is sooo strong here!!!!

First of all, Paul Revere was a private citizen, and he was informing on his own government because of their intrusions into the private citizen’s lives!!!  Secondly, he wasn’t storing data in his own, but, rather his perceived enemies!!!!

How does the president of the United States get one of the legendary figures from our…

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