The Games And Goals Of Zerocare …….

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Well, team Zero has announced yet another revision of their stated goals. 

This clown act on Zerocare is the entire Zero administration in a microcosm.  Their deceit, and failure to recognize failure will probably be written about long after all of us are gone.  The epic lengths these people go to in order to avoid reality is beyond imagination.  In many ways, they’ve shamed even the most despotic regimes of the Soviet Union in history revisionism and avoidance of reality.  Their abject failure to take responsibility is unparalleled. 

Nothing in Zerocare is what was purported to be.  Nothing.  Townhall, in the link above chronicles some of the more obvious failures of Zerocare, but it is in no means a complete listing. 

(1) to sign up for private coverage under the new law by the end of March. As that target slid out of reach, .

(2) , hence the legislation’s…

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