More Lies, Deception, And Obfuscation From The Childish Lunatics!!!!

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So, I’m reading another dreadful bit of idiocy from supposed learned sources, insisting that the world hasn’t stopped warming

This time, and this is funny because it validates what many skeptics have been saying all along, but, this time essentially, they’re saying that the warming hasn’t really stopped because temperatures don’t necessarily accurately measure heat.

“Global warming is continuing, it just gets manifested in different ways,” says Dr. Kevin Trenberth, a scientist with the National Center for Atmospheric Research who co-authored the study with NCAR’s Dr. John Fasullo.

Trenberth acknowledged this – noting in an interview with, “the question is, where does that energy go, and how is it manifested?” – but added he and Fasullo found reasons to think global warming could begin to accelerate again soon:

Holy crap!!!!  Skeptics have written volumes about the uselessness of a “global temperature average”.  And now we have…

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