HuffPo And Their Sophist Stupidity

Most of them support such a measure because reality never enters the conversation.

They put the money in their front pocket… while the pick-pocket attacks their wallet.

suyts space

Maybe I’m just cranky, today.  Maybe I’m just tired of reading abject stupidity.  I keep reading stuff and I keep saying to myself over and over again, “they can’t really be that stupid!!”.  But, I fear, they are. 

So HuffPo, as you would imagine, has gone all in at the notion of raising the minimum wage.  And, with such advocacy, we see propaganda from HuffPo. 

Now, for HuffPo, I give an exception.  Most of the authors and readers are not all that evil.  Sure, some are.  And, all of them seem to have a misanthropic tendency, but, most are more simple, sophist, and, frankly, stupid.  They’re incapable of complex thought.  Well, they’re incapable of pretty simple thought. 

For an example of their stupidity and propaganda towards the minimum wage, we see crap like this …….


Now, I don’t uncritically accept these numbers.  I’d love to see how they came…

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