Ouch!!! Senate Watch!!! Kay Hagen Behind Against Every Possible Candidate!!

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Well, if the Repubs don’t do anything massively stupid (yes, a long shot) they should have one in the bag! 

As we all know, this is a mid-term election year, with the balance of the Senate in question.  At this point, Repubs are expected to retain the House.  If they gain the Senate, they can end Reid’s reign of terror of the Senate and start working with the House of Representatives to end Zero’s arbitrary rule over the American people.  Repubs only need 6 more seats to win the majority. 

The poll was done by the leftist PPP.  You can find details here.  As reported earlier, it’s interesting to note that Zero is in North Carolina delivering an economic speech (which is hysterically funny considering the source) and Hagen is skipping the speech in her home state. 

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