How Does One Fix Beer Prices In Germany???

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Sure, in the US, it’s pretty darned easy and obvious that they do engage in price fixing.  There’s really only a few major brewers in the US.  But, Germany?  You can’t swing a stick in Germany without hitting a brewery! 

It seems Anheuser-Busch Inbev ratted them out! 

BERLIN (AP) — German antitrust authorities have fined a group of beer brewers a total of 106.5 million euros ($145 million) for illegal price-fixing between 2006 and 2008.

The Federal Cartel Office said Monday that the companies fixed price increases for draft and bottled beer. Five firms were fined — Bitburger, Krombacher, Veltins, Warsteiner and Barre — along with seven people deemed to be “personally responsible.”

Cartel office chief Andreas Mundt said the breweries involved, some of Germany’s most prominent, agreed to raise draft beer prices in 2006 and again in 2008 by between 5 and 7 euros ($6.8-$9.5) per 100 liters (26.4…

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