Because This Is Important ….. Leftards Freak Out Over Golden Globe E-Cigs!!!!!

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What’s wrong with these lunatics?

..NBCUniversal — to voice displeasure over one element of the network’s coverage of the annual Golden Globe awards last weekend. Four United States Senators took time out of their schedules for this:

Majority Whip Richard J. Durbin of Illinois and three of his Democratic colleagues are criticizing the Golden Globe Awards for showing celebrities using electronic cigarettes on TV. Durbin, along with Sherrod Brown of Ohio, Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Edward J. Markey of Massachusetts, sent a letter Tuesday to NBCUniversal and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association expressing concern about the potential that showing the e-cigs at the awards show will “glamorize smoking.” The senators ask the two groups to take action to prevent similar appearances by e-cigs at future shows.

I really don’t understand the left’s obsession and hatred towards e-cigs.  And, I can’t fathom the obvious hypocrisy of hating on e-cigs…

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