Peter Sinclair Gets The Warmist Scumbag Liar Of The Month Award!!!!!!

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Good heavens!!!  I already knew there were no depths to the depravity of the warmist scumbags, I just didn’t think they’d be so blatant about it.  I did, though, expect their norm of blatant stupidity.  I picked this up from Steve’s.

So, jackass Petey Sinclair decides to slur one of the most distinguished scientists we’ve known during our lifetime, Richard Lindzen.  He’s retiring from MIT.  This piece is probably nothing more than click bait, mostly because no one cares about the warmista anymore. But, his idiotic slurring is here


Scurrillous and unkind rumors have it that Lindzen’s health is poor, related to his long time smoking habit – which he always insisted was not nearly so dangerous as all those crazy doctors said.

Really?  He’s insisted smoking wasn’t as dangerous as all those crazy doctors?  He’s always done so?  Always?  Did he ever?  I don’t know…

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