Shock News!!! Climate Change Causes HotCold Via Our Jet Stream!!!!

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Via Yahoo News with links aplenty, we see that global warming is causing this horrible cold spell which has North America in a chilling grip!!!

The coldest weather in decades has begun its march across much of the eastern two-thirds of the country. On Monday and Tuesday, the “polar vortex” will push southward with a ferocity nearly unmatched in the last 140 years of record-keeping.

It’s so cold that the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities has issued an extremely rare (I’ve never seen it before) ‘Particularly Dangerous Situation’ wind chill warning for Monday morning, a special type of warning usually only reserved for the most extreme tornado outbreaks. Bold words of warning, from the weather service:

The article goes on to describe the horrific cold.  And, then they go into the causes ……

This particularly aspect of climate change science is not yet definitive, but…

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