Oh Damn …. I Missed This …. Bob Tisdale Retiring From Climate Blogging

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Well, right, I’ve been busy writing other stuff and missed this.  Bob’s informative nature and good demeanor will be sorely missed. 

Once again, we see the big oil funding has got lost in the mail. 

As many of you are aware, I’m a pensioner, a retiree…or had been.  Sales of my ebooksand the occasional tip/donation (many thanks to all who have donated over the years) have helped to pay the bills, but they haven’t covered them. So I’ve been forced to find another source of income.

The good news: I start a new job on January 6th.  The bad news: I have been spending 8 to 16 hours-per-day blogging, writing books and producing videos over the past few years, so my new focus will obviously cut into my time for climate change research and reporting.

For the many of us who frequented WUWT, Bob has been a fixture…

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