Zerocare Need Not Be Repealed ….. Anymore. Precedence Is A Funny Thing

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Well, I got beat to the punch, again.  Sort of. 

Townhall has an interesting post on Zerocare and the exemption from the individual mandate for the millions of people who had their insurance cancelled because of Zerocare.  As we all know, this is just one of many, many times the administration has unilaterally changed the meaning of the law, through executive authority, which grants exemptions to millions of people.  Indeed, since the passage of Zerocare, we can’t seem to have a month go by without the administration granting some exemption or another to a large group of people. 

As Townhall points out, this precedence can easily be interpreted as allowing the executive office holder arbitrary and absolute authority over Zerocare.  We don’t need to repeal Zerocare.  All we need is someone in the Oval office with some sense, and simply issue an exemption to the individual mandate to the rest…

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