WaPo Cracking Funnies? No Proof Readers? OFA Non-Partisan!!!!

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In a seemingly coordinated propaganda push, WaPo decides to herald a new initiative of the OFA, in pretending there’s actually any benefits to Zerocare. 

That piss-poor piece of propaganda is bad enough, but, it gets much worse.  The second paragraph begins in this manner …..

Organizing for Action, the non-profit advocacy group , is launching a new Web site, ……

That’s like saying the Pope is non-denominational. 

Why WaPo thought it was journalism to run an ad for an advocacy group is ….. well, transparent, but, then to claim OFA is a non-partisan group is beyond the pale. 

I should start adding the “non-partisan” description to all my posts about Tea Party organizations. 

h/t Breitbart

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