Gems 2014 — January 2 — Matthew 2

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January 2 Scripture Selection: Matthew 2

Food for Thought: Mat. 2:12, 13, 19, 22

Though not all dreams are “God dreams,” and we shouldn’t rely more heavily on a dream than on the Word and His Spirit living in us, God still communicates in this manner. In fact, according to Joel 2:28 and 29, dreams and visions are normal means of communication through the Holy Spirit. Personally, I have experienced a few significant dreams and have known of some people actually coming to Christ through a dream.

Any time I have a dream that seems to be from the Lord, I pray about it and ask Him to confirm it with His Word before acting on it. In addition, usually when it is a dream from the Lord, it settles in my spirit and does not fade away, quickly forgotten as common dreams are. Have any of you readers received…

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