BREAKING!!!!!! NY Times Claims To Have Had A Reporter Present With Terrorists During Benghazi Attack!!!!!

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Uhmm, some people have a lot of explaining to do if this is true. 

David D. Kirkpatrick, the NYT reporter who wrote the article on Benghazi which essentially blames the video and tries to insinuate that the attack wasn’t a bunch of jihadists Tweeted this during a discussion of the article.

David D. Kirkpatrick @ddknyt



5:29 PM – 30 Dec 2013

How’s that, again?  The NY Times had a reported imbedded with a bunch of terrorists?  And, are then going to try and claim this was a spontaneous event?  Talking to the attackers while they were murdering our AMBASSADOR?!?!?!?!? 

I don’t believe this for a second, but if it is true, there’s a whole bunch of explaining the NY Times has to do. 

If it isn’t true, then this just once again demonstrates the LSM’s commitment to the truth.  Well, it already does, either way. 


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