The Left’s Constant Projectionist Attacks On Conservatives With Shootings And Other Heinous Acts

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It’s such a constant event, that I no longer even bother with the LSM’s lies.  I’ll wait until some other information outlet brings us the real story.  I think most conservatives do know and understand this.  I probably should watch closer and help continue to expose the LSM for the leftist trolls that they are, but, they’re so damned exhausting. 

Most people are familiar with the Arapahoe shooting and have noted that the Denver Post scrubbed “socialist” from their original story describing the 18 year old coward, Karl Pierson.  I picked this up from Twitchy and thought it very revealing.  Hopefully, this will find the eyes of some obliviots who might care, but, haven’t noted the left’s constant projection of their murderous and cowardous ways, along with their overwhelming desire to misinform the public. 

As Twitchy noted, the Denver Post published a profile of Arapahoe High School shooter Karl Pierson…

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