Malthus And Ehrlich …… Could They Have Been Any More Wrong?

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Malthus had this to say ……

Also …..

In 1798, Thomas Malthus (1766-1834), a British clergyman and economist, published the “Essay on the Principle of Population,” which argued that . Therefore, the population will outstrip the food supply.

Ehrlich wrote the book “The population bomb”, and many would note his “hockey stick” graph came first.  Here’s what the book originally stated. 

The original edition of The Population Bomb began with this statement: Ehrlich argued that the human population was too high already, and that while the level of disaster could be mitigated, humanity could not prevent severe famines, the spread of disease, social unrest, and other negative consequences of overpopulation. However, he argued that societies must take strong action to curb population growth in order to mitigate future disasters both ecological and social.


Essentially, Ehrlich echoes Malthus.  But, here’s a couple of graphs, not based on hypothesis, but…

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