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So, the No Tricks Zone has done a few recent posts on our Sea Level.  Go here and see the links at that post. 

One of the tenets of global warming alarmism is that our sea level rise will accelerate and drown us all.  Here, at Suyts, we’ve looked into this question throughout the existence of this blog.  I don’t post on it much anymore because the data is highly questionable and subject to interpretation.  But, one of the things I can comfortably state is that there is no evidence of acceleration. 

The most recent, in depth look at this question was done by frequent commentator, “Hank”.  in reference to a study by Beenstock et. al. titled “Tide Gauge Location and the Measurement of Sea Level Rise”

Hank essentially confirmed their findings using his own methodology.

Most of these discussions about our sea level rise center around the disparity between…

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