Shock News!!!! Mr. "I Never Met My Uncle", But, Lived With Him While Going To School Isn’t Deemed Honest By Most Americans!!!!!

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A Quinnipiac poll released Tuesday finds the President at a new low, 38-57 percent. A previous poll released in mid-November had the President at 39-54 percent.

The President still receives 76 percent approval from Democrats but has fallen off among constituencies that favored him in the last election. Among women the President is now underwater at 44-49 percent. And among young voters aged 18-29 the President is in worse shape at 41-49 percent.

One of the striking results in the November Quinnipiac poll was that, for the first time ever, voters said the President was not honest and trustworthy.

44% believe the man who’s publicist insisted he was born in Kenya for over 15 years.



They think he’s honest and trustworthy.  I would say that the 44% are not familiar with the meaning of the word “honest”. 

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