Homer Hansen Thinks Stable Climate A Constitutional Right

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Homer is still writing lunatic screed about climate stupidity.  Homer did  a great job on touching on most of the points which demonstrate the abject stupidity of climate alarmism. 

This is CNN ….

(CNN) — Science has brought us incredible gifts: life-saving vaccines and clean water, air travel and instant communication.

Modern life is built upon the knowledge that the scientific community has gathered and that society — markets, governments, workers — put to use. We have our ancestors to thank.

But will our descendants thank us? Have we put to good use the knowledge we are gaining today to help those who will come after us?

That question is now before one of the highest courts of the United States. As a scientist who has spent the past half-century documenting how mankind is fundamentally altering our climate, I fear that unless the courts understand the threat and require the…

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